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2013-03-30 Letter to Governor - UP



Former DGP, Gujarat

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Gandhinagar – 382008
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Letter No. RBS/Riots/UP-111C/2013 dated 30-03-2013

Sub:- To bring out truth on Godhra train fire incident on 27-02-2002 known to UP police

Respected Sir,

I belong to 1971 batch of IPS officers from Gujarat cadre. I had retired from service on 28-02-2002 as Director General of Police, Gujarat state.

2. I had submitted nine Affidavits (660 pages) to the Justice Nanavati Commission, probing into the anti-minority carnage in Gujarat in 2002, uncovering the culpable role of the Chief Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, and others in the riots and subversion of Criminal Justice System (CJS) to deny and delay justice delivery to the riot victim survivors. The evidence in my affidavits has been extensively utilized by riot victim survivors and NGOs in their cases for getting the planners and perpetrators of 2002 anti-minority carnage in Gujarat prosecuted.

3. Though I belong to Kerala state, since retirement, I stay in Gandhinagar and extend help and assistance to the riot affected, particularly in their cases, as a lawyer.

4. In April/ May 2010, I received reliable information about the UP State Government deploying a few UP police officers in February 2002, to keep watch on Ram Bhaktas from Gujarat returning from Ayodhya after Karseva. It was learnt that these UP police officers had witnessed the whole incident of fire in bogie no. S-6 of Sabarmati Express train on 27-02-2002. Soon after the incident, the Sangh Parivar and Modi Government had projected the theory of conspiracy behind Godhra train fire, killing 59 Karsevaks, for achieving Hindu communal mobilization aiming at electoral dividends.

5. The Gujarat police, who investigated Godhra train fire case initially, and the Special Investigation Team (SIT), appointed by the Apex Court under Dr. R. K. Raghavan, the former Director – CBI, later, had avoided to bring on record the version of UP police officers, who were eye-witnesses to the incident, so far (I had provided the above information to the Justice Nanavati Commission and SIT in May 2010, through my Fifth Affidavit). In my view the SIT had refused to enquire into my information in the Affidavit because revelation of truth about the train fire incident by UP Police might upset the hitherto projected theory of conspiracy by Muslims to kill Ram Bhaktas in Godhra, by the CM Narendra Modi and the then Dy. Prime Minister Sh. L. K. Advani, within hours of the incident on 27-02-2002.

6. In the case papers of Godhra train fire investigation, reportedly, the information about conspiracy behind the incident was noted only after a fortnight after the incident on 27-02-2002. Moreover, first official reports from Godhra District Administration and Gujarat police to the State Government indicated that members of Muslim community in the vicinity of Godhra railway station had stoned the passengers (karsevaks) in the train subsequent to the karsevaks shouting slogans. Thus, the attack on the train was an outcome of spontaneous quarrel between the karsevaks and those congregated in the platform. The court had also acquitted the main so called conspirator arrested by the SIT. So in the legal perspective, the act of making statements (about conspiracy resulting in the train fire incident) by the CM of Gujarat, Shri. Narendra Modi and Dy. Prime Minsiter of India, Shri. L. K. Advani on 27-02-2002, reportedly, in Gujarat State Assembly and Parliament respectively, were unauthorized and unethical and amounting to breach of privilege of the respective legislative bodies. At that juncture, the investigating officers of the train fire case also did not get any information about any conspiracy preceding the crime of arson in the train.

7. Further, information about Gujarat police bribing witnesses to create evidence in support of the conspiracy theory was brought out in the Operation Kalank by journalist Ashish Kaithan of Tehelka magazine. But this information was not probed further by the SIT.

8. In my view the SIT did not act upon my suggestion to record evidence of UP policemen in May 2010, months before the closure of the case by the court, because version of UP police might be contrary to SIT’s conclusions about the ignition, process and outcome of the train fire tragedy. Any information nullifying the conspiracy theory would destroy the very foundations of the Sangh Parivar’s campaign against the Muslims and BJP’s propaganda obliquely justifying the anti-minority bloodbath in Gujarat subsequent to Godhra train fire incident, as a spontaneous reaction of the majority community whose members were burnt to death in Godhra train fire incident.

9.  I had requested Shri. Akhilesh Yadav, Honorable CM of Uttar Pradesh, vide my letter No. RBS/Riots/UP-111/2012 dated 27-03-2012 (copy enclosed as Annexure-A), to kindly initiate suitable action to trace out the UP police officers, who were deputed to accompany the Gujarat contingent of Karsevaks and had witnessed the Godhra train fire incident and thereafter get their affidavits filed before the Justice Nanavati Commission and other appropriate judicial bodies, revealing their version of Godhra train fire tragedy.

10. I did not receive any reply from the Chief Minister – UP and so I had written to Shri. Mulayam Singh Yadav, President – Samajwadi arty, vide my Letter No. RBS/Riots/UP-111A/2012 dated 30-07-2012 (copy enclosed as Annexure B), praying for his kind and urgent intervention in this matter for making UP Government initiating suitable action on my letter. But I did not receive any reply from him also. It appears that UP State Government did not take any follow up action on my request voiced in my above mentioned letters to the CM and the President of Samajwadi Party.

11. In this context, I deem it to be appropriate to write this letter to your Excellency, the Governor of UP State, who is the constitutional Head of the State. I humbly pray for your Excellency’s kind intervention in this matter urgently. UP State Govt. may kindly be directed to work out further on my information about UP police witnessing the train fire incident at Godhra railway station on 27-02-2002. Revelation of the real truth behind the Godhra train fire tragedy would be highly energizing to the forces of secularism and integrity of the social fabric of Indian people.

12. I respectfully request for your Excellency’s kind reply on further action regarding my present letter.

Respectful regards,

Yours faithfully

R. B. Sreekumar


Shri. B. L. Joshi,
HE. Governor of Uttar Pradesh
Raj Bhawan
Lucknow – 226001 (Uttar Pradesh)

Copy with compliments to:

Shri. Sushil Kumar Shinde,
Hon’ Union Minister
Ministry of Home Affairs,
104 – North Block,
New Delhi - 110001

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