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2014-02-24 2nd Press Statement

R.B. Sreekumar, IPS (Retd.)
Former DGP, Gujarat.

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Dated: 24th February 2014.


Dear Friends,
          You are requested to peruse the enclosed papers, namely,
1.     My press statement dated: 10th November 2013 for countering false propaganda against me by Sri. Nambinarayanan a former officer in Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), and supporters of the Sangh Parivar, BJP and the Gujarat Chief Minister Sri. Narendra Modi.
2.     Legal Notice issued to me by Advocate of Sri. Nambinarayanan dated: 11th December 2013.
     With a view to defame me blatantly false propaganda is delineated in the above legal notice. The main points of false propaganda, constantly repeated by BJP leaders and Sri. Nambinarayanan and documentary evidence countering these are given below:-

A.     Sri. Nambinarayanan (NN) claimed that (see legal notice para 1) that he is “a famous and reputed rocket scientist” and from “time to time he was promoted”. These contentions are false. The file of Department of Space (DOS) in the possession of the court  has a letter from C. Vijayanand, the then Joint Secretary, DOS, in which it was mentioned that Sri. NN’s representation for promotion as Outstanding Scientist was rejected, as the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) did not clear his name. (The relevant papers can be shown).
    Sri. NN was bypassed in promotion as he was not assessed as (1) Excellently Brilliant or (2) Outstanding by his Superior Officers, in his Confidential Rolls (Particularly by the famous Scientist Dr. A.E. Muthunayagam and the Chairman ISRO Sri. U.R. Rao). They had made adverse observations against his sincerity and willingness to do hard work for successful achievement of the tasks assigned to him. To illustrate, see the following:-

1.     In CR for the year 1993 “could have contributed more” …… “very capable officer but application could have been better.” ----- Dr. A.E. Muthunayagam (AEM) ----- approved by Chairman Dr. U.R. Rao.
2.     CR of 1992 “Contribution to cryo dept would have been better. Very capable officer but would have been more productive” ----- (AEM).
3.     CR of 1991 “A very good organizer, contributed significantly for PSL and PS4 of PSLV” ----- Chairman agrees, but grades him as “Above Average” ----- (AA).
4.     CR of 1990 “Good Organizer” – Grade AA ---- AEM and Chairman.
5.     CR of 1987 “Could contribute more”
6.     CR of 1986 “Could contribute more by increased dedication”
7.     CR of 1985 “A good organizer, capable for contributing more”
8.     CR of 1982 “Integrity is graded as good, but earlier it was marked very good”
9.     CR of 1981 “A person with potential for hardware oriented development but he lacks application. He could have contributed much more for 3 Ton activities and utilized the work force engine more efficiently. The supply of raw materials (imported) for the realization of the Vikas Engine is not satisfactory and it resulted in fabrication delays with specified materials. He could have put in more efforts towards our activities”. ------ “Orally he was requested to take interest in the assignments and contribute more” AEM.
10.  CR of 1978 “He could have contributed much more to the progress in his individual capacity”.

     In a note by Smt. U. Sankar, Director of ISRO, Sri. NN is figuring in the list of officers having doubtful integrity.
     DOS had also adversely observed about his failure to file Annual Property Returns within the time limit.
     This would prove that Sri. NN’s integrity had declined in 1981-82 compared to earlier years. Sri. R.B. Sreekumar (RBS) had conducted confidential enquiries against Sri. NN, entrusted to RBS by the VSSC authority, regarding getting tenders from non-existing firms and giving sanctions to his favourites.

B.    The reference about my statement in the Times Now channel show “Facts versus Claim”, about Sri. NN is correct (See Para 2 and 3 of Legal Notice by Sri. NN’s lawyer to me).
1.    I was Commandant and Unit in Charge of the contingent of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) deployed in Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) for security and maintenance of public order from 1980 to 1984. As per my charter of duties I was responsible for security and public order within VSSC area and taking follow up action on orders from VSSC authorities, particularly the Controller and Director, relating to detection of deviant actions by VSSC functionaries.
2.    In 1981-82 there were allegations against Sri. NN about his alleged irregular and delinquent acts of getting tenders filed in the name of non-existent companies (sheer letter-pad units) and later getting contract work sanctioned to his favourite persons. Besides, there were allegations about Sri. NN running private business.
3.    Sri. P.M. Nair, IAS, the then Controller of VSSC (the Head of VSSC Administration) – later he became Secretary to the President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam – had tasked me to conduct comprehensive confidential inquiries on these allegations viz about fake tenders and running private business. In pursuance of the directions by the Controller of VSSC I had conducted confidential inquiries about allegations against Sri. NN, through the Intelligence Wing of the CISF. These inquiries had established that many of the allegations were true. I had reported the matter to the Controller of VSSC, Sri. P.M. Nair accordingly.
4.    Later, it is learnt that the Controller and Dr. Vasant Gowariankar, the then Director of VSSC had accepted the findings of inquiries by CISF and moved for initiating vigilance action against Sri. NN.
5.    This must be the reason for his superior assessing his integrity as good in 1982, unlike in earlier years when his integrity was graded as Very Good.
6.    Secondly, his representation for promotion as Outstanding Scientist also was rejected – Copy of letter by Sri. Vijayanand, Joint Secretary, DOS – is available.
7.    Thirdly, there is a note by Smt. S. Sankar about a vigilance case against Sri. NN.
8.    Fourthly, secret note dated: 20th May 1982 by the Controller and Vigilance officer, VSSC (Sri. P.M. Nair) mentioned about Sri. NN running private business. It appears that after the transfer of Sri. P.M. Nair from VSSC, DOS had not pursued vigilance cases against Sri. NN promptly and properly.

C.   With reference to Para 5 of the Legal Notice to me, it may be noted that I did not make any false statement against Sri. NN. Many judgments by the Apex Court confirmed that “Truth is the best and effective defense against false allegations of defamation”. So any factual data presented by me, as confirmed by the DOS files, cannot be deemed as defamatory or scandalous. Significantly, I did not comment upon the outcome of any inquiry about Sri. NN in any media interaction.
D.   With reference to Para 6 of Legal Notice, it is a fact that I was not in charge of ISRO espionage case, registered and investigated by Kerala Police against Sri. NN, who had also not alleged that I had assaulted him personally and caused injuries to him, in his affidavit to the First Addl. Sub Court in Thiruvananthapuram in his O.S. No. 370 of 2003. Moreover he did not complain about the alleged torture, harassment or ill treatment by Police or IB officials including me whenever he was produced before the Judicial Magistrate during the investigation of ISRO espionage case first by Kerala Police and later by CBI. Sri. NN also admitted it in the media presentation (Times Now and Mathrubhumi Channel on 7/8 November 2013.
E.    With reference to Para 9 of Legal Notice, though the civil case by Sri. NN against me and 11 others were started by Sri. NN since 2003 (O.S. No: 370 of 2003), I did not reveal anything about vigilance cases against Sri. NN till the latter along with Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi, national spoke person of BJP made false allegation against me and termed me as “a traitor”, “CIA agent” and “anti-national”.
F.    With reference to Para 10 of Legal Notice, I was forced to reveal truth about vigilance cases against Sri. NN because Sri. NN had made false and painfully spiteful allegations against me by falsely asserting that I was primarily responsible for implicating Sri. NN in ISRO espionage case. Sri. NN was quite aware that I was not the officer-in-charge of the investigation of the espionage case and I had not interrogated him also. Please note that Kerala Government had approached higher courts for re-investigation of the case even after Sri. NN and others were exonerated from charges.
G.   On the whole it may be understood that, though Sri. NN had been making statements to the media that he played an important role in completion of VSSC’s space programme, like developing Vikas Engine, his assessors and supervisors had assessed that Sri. NN had not exerted adequately and contributed sincerely, in tasks assigned to him. Practically, all his superiors had graded him as Above Average (AA) and not Excellently Brilliant and Outstanding.
H.   In the light of the above facts it is axiomatic that Sri. NN had played into the hands of Sri. Narendra Modi’s election campaigners who are bent upon attacking me, though they had failed to disprove or invalidate incriminating material evidence against Sri. Narendra Modi and the Sangh Parivar relating to their culpable guilt in 2002 anti-minority genocide, subversion of the Criminal Justice System (CJS) and fake encounters, in my Nine affidavits and other statements. In fact, as per the revelation by the late M.K. Dhar, the then Joint Direcotr, IB Headquarters, who supervised IB officials who assisted Kerala Police in ISRO espionage case, in his book – Open Secrets – Indian Intelligence Unveiled (Manas Publications) – 2005, Pakistan was keen in knowing about ISRO space programme, and not USA.

1.    Ever since, Sri. Narendra Modi was projected as BJP’s Prime Minister candidate, malevolent propaganda against 3 IPS officers who gave evidence against Sri. Modi and BJP is vigorously launched by BJP campaigners. These three Gujarat Cadre IPS Officers are R.B. Sreekumar, Rahul Sharma and Sanjeev Bhatt. Sri. NN met Sri. Modi in September 2013 while the latter visited Kerala for meeting Matha Amrithananda Mayi. This had only resulted in Sri. NN making false allegation against R.B. Sreekumar (Since November 2013) though Sri. NN could have presented his allegations before the NDA Government from 1999-2004.
2.    In December 2013 Modi Government had revived long pending (Since 2008) Departmental Proceeding case against Sri. R.B. Sreekumar. Similar acts of persecution were taken against Sri. Rahul Sharma and Sri. Sanjeev Bhatt also.


1.    Sri. Salim .M. Kabir, Managing Director, Grand  Tec  Constructions, Trivandrum (PH:0471-2550299, MOB-9605799999) a leading builder, has taken residential house in Trivandrum city of Smt. Rajalekshmi, wife of R.B. Sreekumar, Former DGP GUJARAT since 2009. Sri. Kabir has reportedly assets worth Rs.1500 crores and is the sole owner of Big Bazar in Kesavadasapuram Trivandrum City. When the rent contract (lease agreement) was completed in August 2012, Sri.Kabir was informed by the owner that only upto 30 June 2013, the lease agreement can be extended as the owner Rajalekshmi, aged 64 and R.B.Sreekumar (67) were keen to occupy the house. (They are now staying in Gandhinagar, Gujarat).
2.    However, with a view to unauthorisedly retaining the house of Rajalekshmi, located in Kesavadasapuram, opposite Big Bazar, in September 2012, Sri. Kabir had made illegal construction in the premises, without consent of the owner and permission from Trivandrum Corporation authority. Sri. Sreekumar’s stay in Gujarat for fighting cases of 2002 communal riot victim survivors, was exploited by Sri. Salim Kabir. The owner had to obtain a stay order from the court for stopping further construction. Sri. Kabir admitted that he had invested Rs.50 lakhs in the building on the false pretext of having obtained oral permission from Smt. Rajalekshmi, who had now filed a case for getting Sri. Kabir evicted from the building in July 2013. Sri. Kabir is now delaying the court proceedings for retaining the house, as long as possible.
3.    Sri. R.B.Sreekumar is actively engaged in assisting 2002 Gujarat riot victims as an advocate and human rights activist. Due to his efforts along with others, 116 rioters were jailed with life imprisonment. The income from rent of Smt. Rajalekshmi’s building, unauthorisedly retained by Sri. Kabir is essential for the family, particularly for Sri. Sreekumar, who is constantly harassed and persecuted by Gujarat State Government headed by Sri. Narendra Modi by instituting false cases against him (now four cases are pending).
4.    Sri. Kabir had also stopped paying rent to the owner since November 2012.
5.    It is learnt that Sri. Kabir visited Gandhinagar, Gujarat twice (in 2002) and friends of Sri. Modi had succeeded to influence him to harass Sri. R.B. Sreekumar by not vacating the house and not paying the rent from November 2012, though rent agreement had expired in June 2013.
6.    The political and administrative bureaucracy in Kerala are informed about the illegal actions of Sri. Salim Kabir. Perhaps, Indian administration is controlled by predatory incestuous crony capitalism and not guided by the letter, spirit and ethos of the Indian Constitution. The question is whether the authorities be helpful to Sri. Salim Kabir having assets worth Rs. 1500 crores or me, who does not have assets upto 50 lakhs.
7.    All relevant documents are available for verification in the press conference being convened by me at Kesary Memorial Hall, Pulimoodu, Trivandrum City, on 24th February 2014 at 11.00 AM.
          With warm regards,
Yours faithfully,

R.B. Sreekumar
(Camp Trivandrum).

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